Our technical support team can provide your organization with the best technical resolutions at the lowest rates. High quality, extremely talented English speaking agents in the United States will assist your company with solving any technical issues within 1 hour. That's our guarantee! Below, you will find our price sheet for technical support services home and business. If you need assistance with navigation simple click the following link to ask for Help.


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Products and Technical Services Price Sheet



Computer/laptop trouble shooting and diagnosis: (Residential customer pricing.) Business services are below.

Free for one computer/laptop.

2-3 computers: $50

Off-site Virus removal (1 computer/laptop) (Residential customer pricing.) Business services are below.

$35 (add $10 travel fee beyond 10 miles)

Hard drive installation (includes removal and recycling of original equipment.) (6 hard drives and above requires $50/hour rate.)

$25 for 1 drive

$45 for 2-5 drives

CD-ROM/DVD /Blu-Ray Installation:


Software Installation (anti-virus, firewall, games, etc):

$10 per program

New Computer Builds (Setup. Parts not included): (all new computer builds include free Linux Operating System installation.)

$95.00 (parts are additional)

New Laptop Builds (Setup. Parts not included): (all new laptop builds include free Linux Operating System installation.)

$85.00 (parts are additional)

Firewall, Switch, Security Hardware Installation:


Cable Modem/Wireless Router Installation:


Data Recovery Services: (hourly charge applies)


Wipe Clean Services: (removal of unwanted information on your laptop or computer. Start over fresh. No data recovery of unwanted information possible. Will return computer to state when first purchased.)




Computer network diagnosis 1-25 hosts & servers: (Includes VoIP, PBX systems.) (repair costs are separate.)

Free for one server or host machine.

2-25 systems: $125

Computer network diagnosis 26-80 hosts & servers: (Includes security analysis. Customers can choose payment option.) (repair costs are separate.)

Flat fee of $350

or $50/hour

Large Scale Virus Removal & System Restoration: (25,000 network hosts/nodes maximum.)


Website Design with online database connectivity: ( Web hosting not included. See our other service sheet for Affiliate pricing.)


Telecommunications Equipment Installation: (VoIP, PBX, etc.)


Remote system diagnosis/repair (via Internet) or live telephone support:

$45/hour per user (node)

We Reuse & Recycle! Please donate your broken or unwanted equipment. We repair and gift technology!